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by Tara Mixon
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Dear You,

The very first time that I picked up a camera, purposefully, was during my friend’s (M.K. Asante) first book tour. His photographer bailed on him at the last minute and he asked me to fill in for him. Providing me with a camera and an awkward shoulder pat of encouragement, he left me to my own devices and hoped that I would, miraculously, learn on the job.

I didn’t.

The pseudo-professional shots that I managed to take were horrible for business...but they did look beautiful in my photo album. You see, I hail from a time when people printed photos, placed them in laminated albums, where edges yellowed and frayed throughtout the years, and recall, with vivid memory, the emotions attached to each image, for generations to come.

Disheartened by the professional side of my first failed photography project, I turned my focus (back) towards my chosen craft: writing. Bred and educated in the art of words, my parents, (writers and Pisces, alike) taught me how to use the immense power and beauty that resided within them as a tool to release, to heal, to show.

It wasn’t until that failed book tour, did my love for literary imagery grow into a visual one.

Photos were, and still are, one of humanity's best tools of historical documentation. It is a tool that we can have, that we can hold, that we can gift for years to come. From the foundation of your family’s lineage to the beautifully nuanced moments that happen ‘BTS’ of an artist creating, my work reflects the bridge between this moment and all moments that follow.

I am never just taking a photo, as I am always in a state of natural documentation. My art is a reflection of all the lives I've come into contact with. It is within these overlapping realities, does the story being written by us, both, become its own creation.  

I look forward to experiencing the unique and

personal artistry our connection will bring into the world.




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