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as a creative, i am fan of…other…creatives.


every single artist,  every single creator, knows, well, the enchanting feeling of bringing an idea to fruition. as marginalized creatives, however, we also know what it’s like for our ideas to never fully materialize into income. those ideas, though boundless in foresight, have a greater chance of being capped before production, due to the lack of funding so many of us are deprived of in this, predominately white, economic marketplace.

early on, i focused my interest on larger companies that appealed to my own ideals. i studied their images, the tone of their writing, then i compared them across the board. what i found is that life, much like social media, is just one big algorithm. our minds are drawn to similar settings, similar tones, which produce similar emotions, in similar beings. simply put, the right image, displayed in the right way, will always create a positive feeling about whatever is being shown.

instead of showcasing my art, i've transitioned into showcasing yours.

i looked around at my peers: jewelry makers, fashion designers, visual artists, literary authors, all supremely talented in their art, yet, most, inconceivably modest in their exhibition. i aimed to make their art, not only, equal to businesses and creatives with greater access to expendable resources, but, to also stand out from their competitors in extraordinarily simple ways.

beauty doesn’t need to be extra, to be extravagant.


i, first, started shooting product and BTS shots of my family member’s businesses. one cousin’s catering photos, another’s soap products and, yet another’s, jewelry line. it...was...invigorating. to be able to take someone else’s creation, apply my own within it, and create hybrids of our collective skill, a hybrid that entrancingly showcased the best parts of theirs.

each time that i shoot someone's creation, i get to honor them in real time.

dear you: it is a brave and beautiful thing to put the heart of your work out there and trust that those who receive it will place love back into those gifted spaces. i look forward to our collaboration with you, to putting together galleries of images, videos, or promotional materials, then, documenting the details of your journey.  through sound, through word, through imagery that showcases your art in its greatest light (pun fully intended), i am here to serve you and your art in whatever form you need.

if you love the idea of this, too, send me a line or two here, and let’s bring your ideas into focus.


looking forward,

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