boobs and 1st birthdays.

August 7, 2016

about a year ago, i met thee most delectable baby, ever.


baby nyla, and her beautiful mother, jabina, were all set to do her ’one year old birthday shoot‘ when the beauty of motherhood changed the course of what life had planned for us all that day…


 shooting little people is always fascinating to me. children, untamed and visceral by nature, are hardly here for the primping and posing that their adorable, unknowing mothers have signed them up for. babies, the most untamed of them all, wield this freedom, almost knowingly, crawling, walking, bouncing away from any space that their mother’s expect them to be in. crying, flailing, throwing full-out tantrums in place of toothless grins and quenchable smiles. adorably so, as expected, my shoot with nyla and jabina did not disappoint to add fuel to my fondness of such occasions.

refusing to sit in any one space for too long, her chunky little legs kicking and crawling all over her mother’s canary yellow bed spread, she was all too delighted to be running away from all of our attempts to get the “the shot”… until…

 mommy magic happened. and like the universe tends to do, what end up transpiring was exactly what we…what she…needed all along. a birthday shoot, turned into a breastfeeding one, and the tenderness that transferred between mother and baby was sentimentally felt in those moments. 

 black woman are beautiful. black mothers are demi-gods. black mothers who breastfeed are beautifully brilliant with magic to spare. so, here’s to the culture of us growing a generation of brown babies with the bounty of our bosoms to guide us.


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