dames and dandies.

June 8, 2014

an accurate description of their energies.

raine, the taurus: soft and dainty and always wanting to twirl in princess dresses.

you'll often find her quietly curled up with a book to write in or stationed besides her father listening intently to his enthralling words or watching foreign cartoons and animé


she is all about calm and being matter-of-fact with her decisions and leading the way with the friends she acquires.


toots, the aquarian: rough and tumbling and always wanting to flip and leap off, or over, things.

you'll often find her hanging upside down on monkey bars, sliding down banisters and only stationed by her mother when seeking random kisses.


she is all about chaos and adventure and meeting new friends at the playground to do this all with.






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one year 'round the sun.


and mj makes 3.


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