sugar and spice.

September 4, 2016

sugar and spice and everything nice | raine, my spice, is bold and brilliant and wakes up the senses. toots, my sugar, is sweet and naive and full of unbridled energy. the day before Margel's goes back to work, teaching brown boys the layered beauty of music, we accompany him as a family to help clean and organize his classroom. instruments, pizza and projected movies keep the girls happy and staring at them longingly keeps me the same. Raine, the movie buff, was intricately explaining a scene in an animated foreign film while Toots, the gamer, became engrossed by the intense fighting scenes. i enjoy watching their different personalities grow as they do. i believe they will compliment each other, softening and hardening each other when it's needed. 





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one year 'round the sun.


and mj makes 3.


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