toots and tits.

August 7, 2016

if there is one thing about motherhood i savored the most when it was happening and missed terribly when it left, it's breastfeeding. of all the things i didn't know, feeding my child was instinctual and that, alone, made me feel essential, powerful...magical. 

 as taylor (a.k.a toots) grew, her affinity for, both, my breast and my womanhood became another layer of maternal bonding that i would learn to cherish just as much as the first. at 2 years old, she still held onto them until she'd fall asleep, at 3 years old, she humorously questioned why her nipples hadn't grown yet, and today, at 5 years old, she is still fantastically fascinated whenever she sees another mother breast-feeding, knowing that she, too, was nursed by me, nursed by wet nurses when i fell ill, but overall, nursed...with love.


as i await the birth of my second child, i am thrust back into the wonder and beauty that comes with growing my baby and the excitement that comes from knowing i will feed them, too. world breastfeeding week is a reminder to me and all mothers, of our babies, our gifts, our strengths, our power, our magic and the miraculous wonder that is...our bodies. 

wishing all my fellow mothers, expecting mothers, aspiring mothers, wet nurses and doulas, a blissful one xo


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