wicker witch of the east

October 15, 2017


i've reached the end of my rope with "is this a home or daycare center" part of new baby. i've since donated, practically, every piece of sit-in, play-in, climb-on type furniture and/or toy to make space for my inner peace and luckily, mj, 

old soul that she is, is pretty chill. she has a few "go-to" toys that she's consistent with, but other than that, she pretty much plays with the treasures she finds while exploring her homeland. i found the perfect wicker basket to store the toys we decided to keep and mj loves it. she's a fan of "getting into" things (baskets, storage bins, etc.) so most days she just empties enough toys to fit her little body inside of it, barking out orders from her play-filled throne.








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one year 'round the sun.


and mj makes 3.


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